New Secret: Johanan – All at Once

From the first bam we got excited: brilliant has been Johanan's MO.

Picture via Facebook.

From the first bam we got excited. Such a powerful tune to only be the third of Johanan. Although the song starts with an explosive beginning, the following seconds are marked by docile vocals that alternate with powerful instrumentals and some soft synths. The strong drum keeps the compass stable all the way through the song, even when all others instruments and vocals pick up the pace. The funny, smart lyrics that makes you want to listen again just to make sure you heard it well and that he really went there (yes, we’re talking about the love proposal: I wanna do you like drugs / and shoot you up). From the start to the end, the song keeps growing in momentum and in ourselves. This extremely well crafted and energetic production is proof of this artist’ versatility if we think of his debut single, Go On (Let It Go) a soft, whispered, sweet lullaby. Nevertheless, brilliant has been his MO. Check it out below:

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