New Secret: THØSS

With Summer getting closer, we present the beautiful viral clumsiness in THØSS indie rock.

Picture via THOSS Facebook

It is the first Friday of June, and as summer gets closer we have a new secret that might make it feel a lot more sunnier regardless of the weather.  One year ago THØSS released their first ever song entitled Swing. With a look on some indie rock constancy, the song builds itself slowly into a beautiful surprise and a catchy chorus “All I can do is let you swing”. From the first point we noticed some similarities to bands like Local Natives or Foals but with a entire distinct funnier (but very good) side to it. Still we weren’t sure of what we could expected until three months ago they released the energetic IWITW and one month ago, their latest single yet, entitled The Meter. IWITW immediately stand for I Was In The Water (when you’re calling my name). And while on the first listen it still sounds funny, the thing about THØSS is the way they turn viral on you, without the need for hearing it more than a couple of times. The beautiful clumsiness in it, how it builds the chorus, and how while sounding almost like a children chant (e.g. catch me if you can) it makes just perfect sense and is beautifully musical. This is probably not only what makes IWITW very unique as a song, but also what distinguishes THØSS as an indie rock band. In The Meter, they confirmed this for us. While having a similar structure to IWITW to the point where one can almost perfectly switch chorus between the two songs, The Meter is an immediate dancer, and probably the best song in the lot, as it goes further in the way it improves your day just by hitting the play button.  So with no more talking, you have nothing to loose and so much to gain, on letting yourself go with these three songs:

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