New Secret: Two Feet

We present four soulful-beautiful pieces from a secret paradise entitled Two Feet who left us literally paralyzed.

Picture via Two Feet Soundcloud

Crescendo trumpet-like vocals, blues feel, a fast paused singing to accompany the rhythm and an orgasmic moan to drop the lower bass line. That’s the start of the first masterpiece released about a month ago by Two Feet, Go Fuck Yourself. The second track, Quick Musical Doodles & Sex, is refined sultry music, a tune with strong atmosphere, haunting vocals and powerful bass. By the time we got to You’re So Cold, we already knew what to expect, and still it never sounded like the same. A very consistent artist, with a great signature sound (the closest we can think of is DARKSIDE, or even Flume and typical drops from Chet Faker, and Alt-J), and capable of innovation track after track. If these three soulful-beautiful pieces of a secret paradise weren’t already enough from a completely unknown and mysterious new artist (no website, no Twitter, and an incomplete Facebook page), Her Life, his latest release, is a soft electronic reggae like tune. Soft vocals, sexy, empowering lyrics and a whole lot of cool. He left us literally paralyzed. Listen to all 4 track below:

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