Meeting of the Day: Bishop Briggs – The Way I Do

One of our favorite secrets of the year, Bishop Briggs, has make us abuse the replay button once again, with The Way I Do.

Picture via Twitter.


About one week ago we presented Bishop Briggs as one of our favorite secrets of the year, even if by that time she only had release two songs (Wild Horses and River). This week she was back. The Way I Do is a new show-stopper and an instant deliver. Continuing her dark alternative vibe but this time adding a very pop-rock feeling to the already characteristic heavy bass, the new single is yet again a fast rhythm song which showcases her vocal range and her capacity of doing very relevant music. With a synthesized-based beginning somewhat resembling Marian Hill or Sylvan Esso songs, it quickly evolves to an unique style and brings back the Bishop feeling built from the first two singles. The amount of times any one can listen to the song and still rock it out every single time is ridiculous, and makes us feel that Bishop Briggs is probably unparalleled with any other new female artist right now. If the 300 likes she increased in one week on Facebook alone is an indicator that everyone is getting in on this beautifully bumpy and dominant boat, what to say about she’s opening for Coldplay?

So with any further ado, you should really enjoy this, repeatedly:

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