New Secret: Jake Herring – Little Mess EP feat. Bela Pierce

Little Mess is a beautiful, consistent, indie rock inspired extended play, with some pinches of country. Jake's and Bela's vocals, both harsh and sweet on their own way, got us hooked like cats on catnip.

Pictures via Jay Herring Twitter  and Bela Pierce SoundCloud

This is one of those acts we managed to get in in the very beginning. Jake Herring might have only 270 likes on Facebook, but together with Bela Pierce, he made Little Mess, a beautiful, consistent, indie rock inspired extended play, with some pinches of country. Their raspy voices, both harsh and sweet on their own way got us hooked like cats on catnip. The consistent guitar background tells a story that flows through the songs from top to bottom of the EP. We keep getting vibes of The Civil Wars (back then when they were that amazing dynamic duo), bits of Ben Howard, John Butler Trio and of a favorite of ours, Old Sea Brigade.

The very first track, Tell Me Something / Corner, starts off with a couple of guitar riffs just to make way to the two amazing voices that will tell us a story for the next 20 minutes or so. This is perfect to showcase the Jake and Bela‘s complementary vocals, a plea tell me something I don’t know and a build up toward the next track. In Blood Beats, the harshness of the vocals and the recurrent growls are a true metaphor to the title, to which even Bela‘s sweet voice can’t counteract the powerful brutality of Jake‘s voice singing against “the system”. The third track, Little Mess, is, to us, the one with the biggest Ben Howard influence. This song is a little break from the energy of the previous track, giving the listeners time to breath. Although the song is a true window inside the confused but still fighting-for-light brain, as the song picks up rhythm, so does our hope in finding clarity (and that drum compass in the background is just pure dope). After this, Rich Man keeps the soothing calm be it in the lyrics or in the melody until Tonight starts and brings the grrove back to end in a big bang with Bright Blue Eyes. This final track is a bit more on the blues side, jazzier even. Fun rhythm and upbeat chords, Bright blue eyes got me looking at my feet, long blond hair and the rest is history.

Have a good listen and enjoy the music for the next 20 minutes by clicking below:

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