Oliver Riot – Hallucinate

The pursuit of the true inner self. Meet the wonderful Oliver Riot!

We have probably came across with hundreds of EPs that we just cry for a full length piece. Sometimes the album fulfils that wish, others the EP remains the masterpiece.

Although the EP dates the end of 2015, we could not pretend we did not came across with Oliver Riot.

The resemblance of Alexander Moore’s voice with James Vincent McMorrow’s one is beautifully unsettling, even the sound takes you to the Irishman set, but Oliver Riot have made room for their own style, more urban if you like. Note that Benjamin Moore adds not only the usal supporting vocals, guitar, but also harmonica, ukelele and, surprsingly beat-box. And if that is still not convicing enough, the brothers present us with those kind of lyrics that you could swear you could have written yourself.

We Popped the Moon opens the EP and you immediately feel your heart shrinking. It is the slow kind breaking up song, one you picture a lonely soul turning again and again looking for some comfort.

Warm like the sunshine kissing my back, Drive me crazy, I like it like that – Ivory Black describes itself, just snap your fingers and listen to those guitars strings sing (do you remember when John Mayer made you feel his guitar sang with him?). Probably our favourite.

Tired and Awake is a beautiful cry for the inner truth of our souls  (Disgrace, give me a break, I’m trying to die happy someday, Heaven, let me come stay?), a truth also advocated in the closing track, the raw and brutal Alcatraz, where Oliver Riot invites us to show who we really are – Just a mans make up, fake love, make ‘em all laugh; Come on, someone, take off your mask. All in all, we all fight our way from our past and mistakes, we all fight life’s ruses.

As a song, Hallucinate is a soft lullaby about being imprisoned in your own brain, as an EP is an ode to our feelings towards the difficulties of life. And it is fairly gorgeous.

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