Meeting of the Day: Marian Hill – I Know Why

I Know Why is fairy dust, well placed drops and crescendo beats, turning the spotlight to Samantha's vocals.

Picture via Facebook.

Marian Hill being Marian Hill, once again. Earlier this month, this duo dropped their third single of 2016 after the intense Down (reviewed here) and the playful I Want You. This time, I Know Why is a bit more melodic and melancholic than the usual groovy, shoulder-shaker register to Marian Hill. It’s a story about two lovers with haunting pasts. The song is nothing more than pure fairy dust combined with well placed drops and thoroughly thought crescendo beats. The sparse piano keys and slowed down beats turn the spotlight to the almost whispered yet very much present vocals, quite like a Billie Eilish or a Charlotte Cardin. Her voice narrating this story is sad, is guilty, but still is Samantha’s characteristic tone, ever so cool and sexy. I Know Why is the latest release from their upcoming debut album Act One. We are anxiously waiting for June 24.

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