Meeting of the Day: Glass Animals – Life Itself

Glass Animals awaited comeback is a very solid step back to the type of songs that transform them into a breath of fresh air in today's indie rock.

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As soon as the tribal rhythms begin, we knew they are back to business. Glass Animals awaited comeback since the consistent and revolutionary ZABA released two years ago (and some quite experimental singles like Lose Control) has met an end yesterday. Life Itself is their first advance for an upcoming second album, and a very solid step back to the consistency of the first album. The song builds itself from an almost dizzy percussion-driven feeling, and shines on the so-very-welcome voice of Dave Bayley singing to us in that typical enchantment-like fashion which makes us want to dance like no one is watching. In what seems a more humanized approach to the lyrics, they seem to have consolidated the type of vibrations we felt in the first album that transformed them into a breath of fresh air in today’s indie rock. From the looks of this, we will be eagerly waiting for more.