Indie Sapiens: Bruges listens to Leena Ojala, Feivel and Nova Neon

António is back and recommends us three of his most treasured secrets, from London to Sweden, from electronic, alt-indie rock to Nordic indie.

Picture via Leena’s Facebook, Feivel’s Facebook, and Nova Neon’s Facebook

Imagine you are hanging around on the street and everyone you get by has a secret music artist they like to hear. In Indie Sapiens they will be able to share their favorite tunes with the world! After two weeks ago he recommended five beautiful Polish bands, today is again António’s turn. This time he presents three of his newest secrets. From London to Sweden. 

“My name is António Bruges, and I could tell you what I do for a living, but I’ve done so many different things and I want to do so much more, that I don’t think it’s worth it. I am 24 years of age and I moved to Poland one and a half months ago without being prepared for this kind of change…”

Leena Ojala

“Listening to Leena Ojala takes me immediately to London. She sounds Londoner in every note she sings, in every compass. This young singer songwriter –with only 24 years old- has just launch her debut album, an 4-track EP named EP1, in the end of the last year, with perfect and strong vocal harmonies, she performs a mature electronic music that sounds alike two other strong female London voices: Rae Morris and Jessie Ware. She is now about to release her full-length LP, on next month, and I’m quite sure it will be a great surprise!”



“Not a brand-new act, Feivel is Elin Hörberg. This northern girl from Malmo, Norway, appears as a pianist for the band Skilla and in 2014 decided to go on solo with her debut self-titled EP. She was immediately compared with “Beirut during a Nordic frost night”, but for me, she already had her own identity. It was difficult to me to find influences until I heard her live and acoustic perform with Dry the River, in Stockholm. Right after, in 2015, she released a new EP, Walls. Now I know: she is moving so softly through Feist, Joanna Newsom, Beach House, Fanfarlo, Bjork… Oh god, she walks wool feet, all through the Folk music, she tries dream-pop, she’s almost everywhere and I don’t care! Get My Way With You is the perfect example. Feivel has found a way to easily like her. Thankfully the Long Play is coming this summer.”

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Nova Neon

“I love when I balk in a song or a band. This Nova Neon is an example of how pleasant these balks can be sometimes. This is another London project, a good one. Try to mix electronic, soul, alt- indie rock and a powerful voice. Can you? Neither did I. Until Break Out played. This is a powerful and dynamic brand-new quintet, full of energy and intense performances. Unfortunately there is no album yet and you only can find three videos on Youtube and four songs on Soundcloud. You have to be in London if you want to find more…”