New Secret: Terence Ryan – Hands On Em

This folk/hip-hop crossover has a 90's slow tempo dirty beats, and we get to see Terence Ryan on a more intimist, rawer way.

Picture via Tumblr.

This 8 hour old single is “for the angry and trying” as Terence Ryan claims on Facebook. Hands On Em starts off with a 90’s kind of vibe and gradually transforms into a harsher and faster chorus. As an angry person, the build up carries throughout the song, with a couple breaks to breathe and gain strength to keep fighting. “Take my hand, please (…) Hands up to the light” as we get this folk/hip-hop crossover that beautifully captures the frustration of the lyrics. Terence had already stole our hearts and turned our dark days into gold with his indie/folk/electronic EP Will Word & Hand and continues with this single. His slow tempo dirty beats continue to be expressed, but this time on a more intimist way, we believe. And we love this rawer side of his.

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