New Secret: Kaleidoscope by BROOKFIELD

BROOKFIELD immediately drawn our attentions with Kaleidoscope deep but soulful vibes. Trust us, this is one of those sweet and tender discoveries.

Picture via Facebook

It’s one of those piano beginnings that immediately draws our attention to the song, right before BROOKFIELD (a.k.a Duncan Brookfield) voice opens wide for a wanderlust journey in Kaleidoscope. This rock ballad is his most successful single yet, after releasing the debut E.P. entitled Cloud 9 in the end of last year. The Singer/Songwriter/Producer emerging from London suburb of Ealing (doesn’t it all make sense?) produces dark but deep and soulful music similar to some of Ben Howard and Daughter sonority, but distances himself with a one-of-a-kind vibe to his voice and guitar.  Not only Kaleidoscope is a very beautiful song but every single song in the E.P. is contagious and sticks with any sensible hear for way too long for not being remembered as one of those sweet and tender discoveries. It’s only hard to understand how he is only followed by 657 people on Facebook. This should be an act about to explode. Here in Where the Music Meets we can hardly wait for more.

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