Indie Sapiens: António listens to Polish new acts

In this special Indie Sapiens, António recommends us five new Polish-based acts who deliver perfectly clear beautiful music.

Picture via Fismoll Facebook

Imagine you are hanging around on the street and everyone you get by has a secret music artist they like to hear. In Indie Sapiens they will be able to share their favorite tunes with the world! Today is António’s turn.

“My name is António Bruges, and I could tell you what I do for a living, but I’ve done so many different things and I want to do so much more, that I don’t think it’s worth it. I am 24 years of age and I moved to Poland one and a half months ago without being prepared for this kind of change. I wasn’t prepared for the language, for this Northern European weather, neither for their culture and traditions. Even though I usually like to prepare myself for all these changes when I travel, even more when it’s a big trip, and I usually take some time to understand every country traditions, I was not prepared for this.”

“I confess I did not listen to too much radio when I first arrived here. Neither was I able to grasp what kind of music they listen to. However, I was lucky enough to, in the first bar I entered, meet someone with tastes somehow similar to what I was used to back in Portugal. From that point on this person introduced me to some native festivals which provided me with the basis for my research. Step by step I stumbled on a lot of new quality bands and artists, from several distinct genres, but all of them with an avant garde experimental need, even more for a country that was for many years almost like a puppet of restrictive extreme forces.”

António recommended us five new Polish-based acts who deliver perfectly clear beautiful music. We (he) now present each one of those act.

Moriah Woods

“A simple instrumental from a Nordic folk-rock, a melodic voice which gently enters our ears, but suddenly exalts and shows its presence. Raw and scratchy, it matures as much as it shows its unsteadiness. In fact, let me tell you, although she hasn’t blown me away yet, you can tell her voice has potential to make the Polish people very proud.”


“Through Moriah Woods, I’ve got to know BVRS. Through their music, her voice knows its most comfortable habitat. A band very stuck to composing and playing rock music, where some guitars bulge out, but already with a good melodic consistency. A raw rock with some melodic-melancholic nuances, which perfectly reflects the Polish profile. BVRS try to be warmer and run away from so much snow.”

Sonar Soul

“Here is the heat. Sonar Soul are like soul sweat, they sound good in the album but even better on concert. An electrifying electronic which immediately makes us move our foot. The voice takes us back to the 80’s almost like the vocalist made part of a Depeche Mode tribute. These guys provided me with great nights, the strange language has never been a constraint.”

Agyness B. Mary

“The first time you hear it, it feels like the country is still on another century: a rock-ish style, highly 70’s, with a lot of flower power, and some (few) similarities with Janis Joplin. But after some time,  she changed my opinion. This girl represents a Polish type of girl who, gladly, runs away from every kind of stereotype. A raw, fearless and powerful voice which never goes tender (although her face could somehow look like it) and manages to fill her music with maturity. She has some similarities with a harsher Cat Power and a bit of Sharon Van Etten. This one, I’m certainly expecting her to play in big venues”.


“I might be unfair classifying him as the better one, but the truth is, he was the first artist I listened carefully and payed attention to, and from the first chords he captivated me. He is a 21 year-old child. Damn it, with 21 years of age he is just so full of talent and maturity in everything he does! Sometimes he is folk, other times he’s too soft, but never loses the sense of what he does. Sometimes he is experimental, a lot. Sometimes he sings in English, others in Polish, and others he doesn’t sing at all. The leitmotif of all the melodic history he has been creating was/is very well designed, and this is mainly due to his huge capacity of reinventing himself without ever loosing his shape. Although it feels like he has already an extensive career, he has not. In 2013 he signed with EMI World Music and from that point on he has already released two albums. The last one, released in 2015, has earned him participations in several festivals around eastern Europe. Who knows, one day, he will be in some of the big festivals and world stages.”