Meeting of the Day: Clare Maguire – The Valley

The Valley really showcases Clare Maguires's powerful and wide-ranged vocals, complementing soaring melodies, so catchy and dramatic. She's back, stronger than ever!

Picture via Facebook.

After an amazing start to 2016 with the glamorous Elizabeth Taylor single, in which Clare Maguire really showcased (once again) her powerful and wide-ranged vocals, she is now back with another great single, The Valley. These are two tracks of her forthcoming album Stranger Things Have Happened, out May 27th. A constant that we have been noticing in these tracks is soaring melodies, so catchy and dramatic, and her vocals! She’s back, stronger than ever. On the first one we get to hear a more classy, piano based power ballad while with The Valley, we get a more upbeat, almost country, Clare. Although they look like two completely different singles, they are not. Perfectly compatible and by the looks of it, this artist has found her signature in style! Speaking of style, red lips? (Elizabeth Taylor: Red lips, dark hair Alone in my trailer Under my white shirt heart like stone // The Valley: Always looking for a thrill Red lips I get some pills On the corner by the neon girls) Yes, please!