Meeting of the Day: Sara Hartman – Satellite EP

Sara Hartman's Satellite EP is candy to the soul.

Picture via Facebook.

Sara Hartman had already stole our hearts (and made our jaws drop) with the amazing cover of Jamie XX‘s Stranger In A Room. Since her debut single Monster Lead Me Home we got that tingling feeling that there was more to her, more to what she could give to the world through her music, her spectacularly well-written music, her beautifully arranged music, so we kept waiting. After seeing her slay at every opening to Ellie Goulding, we got to finally hear her debut EP, Satellite and it is a great introduction of this (not-so-small) baby artist. It’s diverse and cohesive in itself, containing complex instrumentals (shutout to the piano layering), uplifting beats, slower rhythms, strong and pure vocals. We could hear some Vaults and Chatlotte OC in the midst of these tunes, but Sara has her imprint on every song. Be prepared to a Spring/Summer-like 4 track brilliant EP that emanates shimmer, power and is nothing more than candy to the soul.

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