New Secret: JMR – Ritual EP

JMR's well-thought bass lines and synths make instrumentals on point but even more so are the vocals, which make everything come alive. Sexy as hell.

Picture via Facebook.

JMR just released Ritual (EP) March 25th and it’s a spicy one. Starting off slow with To Be Alone With You, groovy vocals meet electronic beats meet blues vibes in a Sam Smith-y / Drake-y way.  Shivers has a similar vibe to it, but incorporating R&B in style. Another R&B tune is the amazing Found My Religion. This song in particular is such a high, with captivating, seducing lyrics and rhythms. A game changer is Closer with very crisp and clear vocals, well placed sonante breaths and demanding lyrics which borrow a much more raw feeling to the track. Thumping bass and drums and sweet vocals (almost Marian Hillesque), “I just want you closer” set the mood for an 18+ playground. To wrap up this brilliant EP, Bad For Good  is a more pop tune, but still connecting beautifully with all the prior tracks. Bottom-line, this EP is remarkable: well-thought bass lines and synths make instrumentals on point but even more so are the vocals, which make everything come alive. He makes falsettos look easy and compatible with super low bass background. Sexy as hell.

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