New Secret: Sample Answer – Collision

Sample Answer is an old time favorite and his new single, Collision, brings a different tempo to the same good boy we love.

One of our long time favorite new artists is back. After the two massive EPs Textile Baby and Good Boy EPSample Answer just released something we consider to be nothing more than pure bliss. This single is about 2 weeks old and already is one of those songs we keep playing again and again and again. Collision is a softer, dreamier, floatier side of Maurice O’Connor we hadn’t had the chance to meet yet. Still we can hear some cross-talks to his huge hit Good Boy, be it the whole musical background or just the urban warmth so characteristic of his voice, something keeps making us go back to his roots. Collision brings a different tempo to the same good boy we all love: indie tunes with some unexpected influences of RnB, Rock&Roll and a whole lot of Prince and Coldplay (Parachutes-like-background). This is just one single… Can you imagine the EP? We’re not-so-patiently waiting for April 22nd.

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