New Secret: Satellite Mode – Fair

With Alex's on point production and Jess' deep velvet voice, Satellite Mode are building solid ground on the music industry.

Satellite Mode (former Aeroplane Mode) aren’t playing fair realizing such dark, upbeat full of greatness indietronic track. They started out with the brilliant Wild Excuses and Aphrodite late 2015, building their characteristic sound. Lower basses, playing around with rhythm, Alex’s on point production and Jess’ deep velvet voice, Satellite Mode is gaining solid ground in the pop-electronic industry. Fair is another amazing track by this NYC duo combining her powerful, Banks/Tove Lo-like voice, and his crisp-perfect unusual electronic saxofone production. This single could be described as feel-good song with dramatic lyrics, and, as much contradictory this may seem, the song just makes makes perfect sense. With only 704 likes on Facebook, you should really check them out.

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