Meeting of the Day: Novo Amor & Ed Tullett – Alps

Close your eyes to a new song by Novo Amor featuring Ed Tullet which will sweep you off of your feet.

Novo Amor joined forces with Ed Tullett (who just released Fiancé mid February) and gave the world Alps. This single is a beautiful antithesis in itself. It’s written with such heaviness of the soul, but sung with a light, ethereal aura as we’ve grown to be accustomed by Novo Amor, although the start kept reminding us of a slowed down Alt-J track. Ed Tullett is also well present as we can distinguish his characteristic falsetto and harmony-rich dark electronic-acoustic as his style is described on his website. Keeping this in mind, it’s a rare combination of styles which keeps the integrity of both authors. All day today, we had this song on repeat and we keep getting goosebumps every time it starts. From top to bottom. Goosebumps. “But I would fake, I would hate, I would break every inch of my love.” Close your eyes and let these beautifully complementary voices, these light electronic tunes and all these nature vibes sweep you off of your feet.

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