Meeting of the Day: Meadowlark – Paraffin

We want to see everything and we want to be Meadowlark's paraffin this and every Friday

Excitement overload over Meadowlark‘s new single, Paraffin, released on 2nd of March. Can a song be any more perfect? Seriously? Starting off slow and, slowly but surely, growing more and more as a wonderful orgasm. Since the first key, all this song does is lift our spirit up. After an exhausting week, there’s nothing more bulletproof than a little bit of sunshine and happiness burst into our ears in the form of a beautiful melodic pop-alternative harmony. Contrarily to the eerie first EP that counted with the brilliant Fly and Eyes Wide, this is the first time we listen to a more vibrant, shimmering register of this UK duo, opening the way to their second EP – Paraffin – that’ll be released on April, 22nd this year. Looking forward to listen to the rest, we know it’s gonna be a good one.

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