Indie Sapiens: Ana listens to WILDES

Imagine you are hanging around the street and everyone you get by has a secret music artist they like to hear. Let's start with Ana.

As Where the Music Meets is now one month old, we would like to début our newest series, Indie Sapiens. About every two weeks we will bring you a vision of what the world is like outside by inviting people to recommend us something new to listen. Imagine you are hanging around on the street and everyone you get by has a secret music artist they like to hear. In Indie Sapiens they (you) will be able to share their favorite tunes with the world!

Let’s start with Ana.

Ana is a 23 years old woman with tones and tones of hours spent with headphones on. “It is a bit difficult to characterize my musical taste, as I have a wide range of music genres. Let’s say I grew up listening to rock and I am currently wandering in a vast world called indie. Nevertheless, my playlists usually include all music genres, from the Beatles to James Blake, not forgetting David Bowie and Mac Miller. Music is much more than a hobby, it is a passion! And I do no relinquish it wherever I go. This is why I feel at home every time I attend gigs and festivals.”


“The name Ella Walker may be unnoticed. WILDES also. However, Ella Walker’s music produced as WILDES immediately gets our attention. The 19 years old British releases her first track, Bares, and we get swept away by the sweetness of her voice and the striking similarities with Daughter.”

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