New Secret: Palm Blush – All I Want

Jonathan Brunner's dreamy voice and serene background makes us melt and feel vulnerable.

Palm Blush is a rather new name to the music industry, but Jonathan Brunner isn’t. The former bassist to For the Foxes is back with new tunes, playing with his dreamy voice and serene background. We first melted with the vulnerable, soft side of Brunner with Your Body released late January, this year. Now, he is back with All I Want, released on SoundCloud just 10 days ago! This single has a much happier sound to it, in comparison to the later one, but they are both equally captivating to the soul. Funny thing, according to a tweet of the artist, this record was mainly written and produced on a ski lodge. How cool is that? To our excitement, Brunner also revealed on Twitter that he has plans for releasing singles and an EP this year. We’re keeping an eye for that.

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