Meeting of the Day: Roo Panes – Where I Want To Go

The energizing melodies of Where I Want To Go are not only The romantic ode to that one person but also the best signature track Roo Panes could add to the (long-awaited) debuting Paperweights.

We’ve found what we need, in this song, in this song, we found what we need to close off nice and well this week. Roo Panes came back strong with everything we were expecting and more. After three brutal EPs (the rough Once and the balanced Weight of Your World both in 2012 and the consolidating Land of the Living in 2013) and the solid debut with Little Giant, Roo still oozes calm but is now less restrained. The energizing melodies of Where I Want To Go are not only the romantic ode to that one person but also the best signature track he could add (along with Paperweights and Stay With Me) to the long-awaited second album Paperweights (March 4th).

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