New Week New Album: Seafret – Tell Me It’s Real

Not everybody likes the sea. But the ones who love it, dream about it. Seafret's debut album is like that.

Seafret are Jack Sedman and Harry Draper, two very young British talents natural from Dridlington who now live in London and miss the sea. Together with bands like RHODES and Amber Run they are headliners of the recent UK songwriter-band boom. They first recorded a very consistent EP entitled Give Me Something back in 2014. The self-title track, a mix of very simplistic acoustic guitar chords and a sensitive voice just made a lot of sense and caused an automatic impact when allied with live quality of the duo. From the start the explosive quality of their music reserved them a spot in our hearts. One year later with the release of the second EP, the irreplaceable Oceans, we had the confirmation  we’ve been looking for. Again the self-titled song was intensely melodic and super catchy. The build up of the song leads to a chorus only comparable to the greatest songs from Damien Rice. As it was not enough they followed that song with a magical cover of Angel of Small Death and the Codeine, an original from Hozier, which again showed the rare quality of the duo when playing live acoustic songs. Later last year they released two more singles, Atlantis and Be There. Both very good heart-warming songs. We knew it was only a matter of time until they released the album. They did it last month. Tell Me It’s Real got all those songs and several others. In total, the album got 15 songs plus one live version of Oceans played at BBC live. Here, in Where the Music Meets we don’t expect this encapsulating album to be a world shocker. It doesn’t push limits or delivers a new type of act. In fact we expect it to be quite private. And we like it that way. It’s like a safe spot. A comfort zone for the heart, soul and hears. One of those albums known only by a not to big niche, but loved with intensity by each and every individual in that niche. Not everybody likes the sea. But the ones who love it, dream about it. Seafret’s debut album is like that.


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