Ten to Follow 2016

Today we launch Where the Music Meets. An online music magazine which main goal is to foster interest around new music and around new artists.

We though the best way to kick it off would be with our main bets for bands or artists which have the potential to turn into huge music hypes through this beautiful year of 2016. We present our ten most promising acts and try to somehow replicate in words what we feel about every listening experience. They are in no particular order, each one is here by their own merit, and it is not our intention to compare them between each other. So, here it goes for our  most psychic exercise of the year:


If Jack Garratt was one of the main hypes of 2015, Rationale has the ability to make it not only for the year of 2016 but also straight-forward to the next light-years. The until now producer has turned into a composer and singer of all-around super consistent and magical tracks which will make your head and soul fit into your dreams. There isn’t a single music where to go wrong. From the earlier 2015 singles like Fast Lane or Re.Up which fit into the same all-around perfect Fuel to Fire EP or the latest 2016 single Something for Nothing. Everything is pure magic. An irony to the name of the band, there is no rational sense here, everything is from another world. And the last, if not the main thing about Rationale is, they are one of those unique acts which sound only like themselves. There are no similar bands here. Truly hypnotizing.

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Dan and James describe themselves as a basement band who composes and produces dark grooves with room to breathe. If we were looking for descriptions this self-one would fit perfectly. The think is, do we want to describe Tender? Like the word itself, being tender is being sweet and easy and kind and warm and gentle and generous. And Tender are really every meaning behind these beautiful words. From the first listening of songs like Armour (which first attracted our attentions as a kind of sound close to the best ones from their acclaimed neighbors Jungle), Melt, Bleed or the so wonderfully hearth-warmer Belong. To the more recent super songs like Lost and Afternoon. Everything seems about perfect with listening to Tender. An album will for-sure kick them out of the basement directly to the galaxy. We will be waiting for them there.




If we are talking about new acts it is impossible to forget a band that plays inside a volcano. This is not only a possible description for their type of music, but also a real fact. Although getting already a lot of exposure with the contagious Way Down We Go as the official soundtrack of the football video-game Fifa16, the Icelandic rock’n roll-meets-pop-meets-indie band have everything they need to succeed big in the music world: a really powerful voice (and figure) of the vocalist Jókull Júliusson, and a strong drum and guitar based band which has played together for already a long time. And above everything an acoustic capable of rupturing the crust of the Earth (see what we did there?). With still few music available for the world, every single has been massively consistent and powerful. If 2016 is not their year they will certainly find other natural habitats to wonder until they become massive. It will happen, sooner or later.


Steven A. Clark

Born in Arkansas, Steven A Clark is a power rhythm and blues singer which, in his own words, sings of more than candy and hearts. For us it’s one of those phenomena, you listen to it once and something stays inside you. You listen to him twice and it’s so easy to recall the first time. From there on it’s pretty straightforward, you will listen to it without moderation, with absolutely no gilt, but with your entire heart. Steven sings to us like someone is talking sweetly about not so nice things. And the voice that stays inside our mind will stay there forever, just like a human being. Our advise is just one, let Steven grow on you, and we will all grow on him. 2016 should be the year the Lonely Roller becomes a very well surrounded lover.


Ed Thomas

Talking about Ed Thomas is talking about explosions. The singer/songwriter/producer makes songs which seem to somehow always blow away our senses. The 2015 single Outlaws which also names his first EP and the immense, just released, Love is Red are the perfect representation of that. Songs meticulously build to grow from the start and capable of keeping our blood pumped through the entire song. The perfect way to describe Ed Thomas is saying that his music relates to what Jessie Ware does so well but with a twist of Bipolar Sunshine. A pop-ish electronic surround which fits perfectly into both dance and love. He should get hyped. We all should get hyped on him.



All we need was Five Minutes (and a E.P. that sounds like an album). There are boobs in the cover. And there is rhythm inside it. Taking a spin on a type of music that resembles Jungle and a soft spot for Rhye, Her will probably be responsible for a lot of addiction to music throughout this year. It’s like something we heard before, but it’s not quite like it. We cannot describe what makes them different, or what makes them unique, but have not troubles accepting that. There are things which are better left unexplained. The same kind that we want to consume intensely. Her Tape #1 (E.P) anticipates that will probably be at least a second one coming soon. Oh please, oh please, can it be today? What about tomorrow?

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The think about good music is that it doesn’t matter how much time ago it was released, if it is really good, it remains fresh. Hold Me Down was released two years ago by the Australian own Mansionair, and it seems like it was yesterday. Yesterday (or about yesterday) however, he released two other urban hymns, Speak Easy and Pick Me Up. Both stand up to the first song, and keep us sane to know it was not only that one time. The beginning of the latest single is one of those trademarks that immediately sticks our mind to where it belongs. The sweet spot where Mansionair exists and we love gently.

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Patrick James

The best thing about Patrick James is that he doesn’t need to go global. For two reasons. First, he has two of our favorite songs of the last year : Bugs and California. Second, listening to Patrick James is like being back home after a long and difficult time. There is a familiar feeling of belonging that is only shared across the ones more close to us and which cannot be explained to others. So we won’t. But there is not greater feeling than being at home and feeling that we belong is there? So, for every human on earth that wants to feel that he or she belongs, anywhere, hit play.



“I’m giving up more than I should”. That’s how Cloves, a Scandinavian soothing metal singer and songwriter born in Australia introduces herself to the world in her first single Frail Love. We all do, we give up to easily.  But music helps. Especially this kind of music that gently teaches how to love. If we had to describe her, Cloves could somehow stand between Lana Del Rey and Feist. The problem (not) is that she doesn’t fit anywhere. She is not from this place. Everybody’s Son, Don’t You Wait and Don’t Forget About Me are the other three songs she has released until this date. And all show this. The impossibility of keeping her foot on the ground. Hers and ours.



Hugh love Hugh. It’s their description on several social networks. Andy, Joshua, Tino and Izzy are a band from London who fuse R&B with alternative music. And are the authors of Direction one of the most mesmerizing songs of this year, an outrageously intense song about loosing faith.  We believe in Hugh like we believe in love. All kinds of love. And it’s not hard to believe. Turn the speakers very loud, hear the friction inside their music, the build up to the end reflecting the beating of a lonely heart waiting for some company until it stops. We have found it.