[PREMIERE]: Alex Abbuehl – Black Coffee

Black Coffee is the perfect singer-songwriter debut, and an encouraging one too. Just like a cup of black coffee.

Photo by Monica Canesi

A debut song is always something special in the way it introduces a new artist to the world. Having the honor to premiere a debut song, is the ultimate honor a music blog can have. From all the premieres we’ve had until now, this might be the one that got us excited the most. This is Alex Abbuehl debut track Black Coffee.

Alex Abbuehl is a very young singer-songwriter that wants nothing else in the music business but to make his mark of sincerity. Black Coffee is that first step for this Italian-born Liverpool-based lad. Inspired by 70s rock and west coast jazz and piano-based, like the great classics. The track is delivered by a nurtured and genuine voice that finds no difficulty in the long nuanced melodies and the nice bits of vibratos.

Crescendo in all its structure, the first minute and a half introduces a typical day-dream story where Alex is the story-teller. From that mark on, the song evolves as the story also does. Like a proper novel, the conflict arises. The necessity of caring more. Of not leaving friends behind. And that black coffee always at the center. Providing those very necessary safe moments for the day. In the final third of the song, Alex achieves one remarkable thing. He reinvents the song into an indie-rock ballad. The female back-vocals bring out some necessary soul too. And as all the wishes collide into a cup of black coffee, the song ends. Gorgeous and shining.

Black Coffee is officially released tomorrow, followed by a UK tour kicking off at Liverpool’s Jacaranda Records. If we were you, we would be all over that show.


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