[TGIF] Autumn Gems

Autumn can be cold they say. What would be of us if it wasn't for the warmest songs.

We know it has been a bit longer than what we have hoped for since we posted a compilation of our favorite newest releases. As a way of compensating for that lack of goods, today we bring you some of the best releases we’ve heard since the Autumn has fallen on us. Listen without moderation, they are that good.

Oracle Sisters – Always

Mac de Marco style has evolved into a favorite of ours. Oracle Sisters newest single Always sounds beautiful, tender and very well constructed. It also sounds dreamy and flows very gently every time we play it. This first leap into the virtual world by the Paris based band was recorded live in an old hidden recording studio next to Canal St Martin. And the more we think about that, the more sense the sonority makes.

Waste – Sceptical Lovers 

Waste, the band who described themselves as “The “artists” who spend more time writing their facebook posts than their p … of songs”, seemed to have found their way (once again) into writing and producing a great song. Sceptical Lovers was released about one week ago and is a brilliant half Britpop half electronic track. Melodic guitars are everywhere in this and the vocals are always reinventing themselves a bit more as the song progresses. Catchy as hell too. 

Misty Mtn – We’ll Call It Even

We’ve previously said about Misty Mtn melodies that they are “infectiously built” and a “darker and more melancholic kind of pop”. Their newest one, the super melodic We’ll Call It Even is a bit more on the sunny side, but nonetheless less contagious and overall gorgeous. Co-produced by Yoke Lore the track has bits of Oh Wonder and Haim’s melodic constructions, but heaps of uniqueness too.  And the vocals, oh my.

Rain on Monday – Fever Dream

Our favorite new Swedish interpreter is back with his Fever Dream. Taking a slightly different approach to his vocals but once again showcasing a super contagious 80’s like melody. Raimond calls this “an almost cinematic song and vision about a couple of the run from life and responsibilities”. The way the song mixes blurred vocals (that truly sound coming from a dream) but still sounds infectiously catchy in terms of melody and lyric leaves us once again dazzled. After we the third time we heard it we were already singing it in the shower. And tall tells a lot about how good it is.

Julia Knight – cool for you

Julia Knight’s cool for you is the kind of song that after some brief moments we think we had figured it all out… and we couldn’t be more wrong about it. Alt-pop, but also electronic with obvious commercial elements, but very well balanced and very very very smart. Cool for you should be an instant hit not only because of all its coolness and magical variations but also because is very hard to describe and even harder to forget.

Denvre – Make It Right

Our love for Lana Del Rey first albums is one that will never die. Soon we heard Denvre Lana-like super-tender variations in vocals we could not keep away from it. Make It Right makes several incursions on Jazz and electronics but never looses its way. And even the distortion in the vocals works like charm. The song grows from start to end, with the chorus sounding richer and richer, and the vocals never sound flat or less than sexy. A dark-to-uplifted song that is very easy to love.

Devon – Closure Song

“This song represents heartbreak and moving on”. Just like that Devon introduced to us. We’ve never heard of her before, so after some 20 to 30 seconds into Closure Song, we felt shocked. This sad song has such a power, honesty and simplicity and yet is so involving and everything we need to feel fulfilled and touched… 2 minutes and 46 seconds that won’t leave ANYONE indifferent.  Meet Devon:

Isaac Gracie – “show me love”

“Who doesn’t fall for a raspy voice such as Isaac‘s?” we said when we posted about Isaac Gracie’s One Night about one year ago. A question we could repeat now expecting the same answer. With his second EP in two years, “show me love” is the perfect demonstration of how his sound is evolving. More melodic and more natural, the raspy voice is still there but is now more dedicated to a storytelling mission. With a clear positive sonority, the video for “show me love” even lights the song more, resulting in a marvelous combination. “With this video I wanted to do something in my neighbourhood for the first time; the idea came from the fact that I’d taken up skipping as a means to keep fit over summer and a desire to spoof upon my futile efforts, whilst the tennis game against myself loosely represents the somewhat melodramatic nature of the song, a kind of reflection of the inwardly conflicted state of the protagonist.”

Enjoy the cold weather xx.