M w S – Nobody

Nobody is M w S newest single and it is pure ecstasy from beginning to end.


Who here hasn’t been in a toxic yet hypnotic relationship? That kind of love that isn’t love but draws you in every time for one more kick? London based Italians Giulia Magnani and Francesco Drovandi are the duo that comprises M w S and they depict this overwhelming connection in their new lo-fi black ballad Nobody.

Nobody can take me down like you do
Nobody knows me like you do

The jazzy piano starts things off like a warm welcome and then sh*t gets real as soon as Giulia’s vocals kick in. This RnB influenced song really gains momentum with the constant crescendos. Nobody keeps things interesting with sudden drops and addition of instruments such as the guitar around the 2 minutes mark.

This soulful track seems to be a more mature approach to music from this duo. Their previous work exudes a lighter feeling whereas Nobody almost tastes like smoked food and red wine. We are eager to see what’s next from these two. An E.P. with this direction in mind would be a nice statement to the music industry and an even better gift to all us listening.

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