Lilla Vargen – Hold On

Lilla Vargen debut EP contains three magical songs we like to call heaven.

Lilla Vargen is here to haunt us. In a beautiful way that is. In the most beautiful way possible. This Northern Irish singer/songwriter just released her debut single and is now letting the world breath a marvelous and unforgettable EP entitled Hold On.

Hold On, the title track released last month, might very well be among the most beautiful songs we ever heard about a dramatic love. The vocals are out of this world, causing the chills on almost every high note. And the simplicity of the brief guitar chords, and the way the piano takes a part on the vocal lift-of… Pure genius. And as sad as the lyrics might sound “I used to believe in god, and I used to believe in me. But since I met you it seems that all I believe in is disbelief”, she somehow makes it all wonderful. It almost seems she is right here singing, doesn’t it?

Well, if Hold On makes very hard for any song to follow, what’s next is still blowing us away, the more we listen to it. The One Who Truly Loves Me makes the time stop. It starts on a similar quite place, and never tries to hide the focus on the words. As Lilla tells us how she learned to carry over some though times, a second layer of vocals is strategically placed over the original. That is enough to build up the momentum of a song which never truly changes, but is ever changing. It gets more peaceful and it also gets more positive. Until the one who truly loves her, stays. Magical stuff.

The last song is a cover, yes. Downtown is a Majical Cloudz song. But for us, from this moment on, Lilla is it’s better half. The way she sings and gently picks-up-deconstructs an already great song turning into an indie-pop sensible heaven, is nothing short of legendary. Downtown sounds like if an Adele song got more indie-er but kept the same amount of power. Cover of the year right here. Never ever take this away from us.

Hold On was just released this Friday and is the most beautiful thing you can listen all week. So for that reason, here it is again, press play, it feels like a miracle every time:

P.S Lilla Vargen plays in Bello Bar in Dublin on the 9th November as part of Future Proof and will be supporting Lisa Hannigan in Live at St. Luke’s in Cork on the 11th November. So if you’re around, be sure not to miss her.

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