Jolé – Seldom Seen

We have seldom seen a raw talent like Jolé. His two new tracks are as beautiful as 2017 gets.

Jolé, aka Josh Oliver, started his career around one year ago. In the first year he released several tracks, four described as a sort of indie-ambient tracks, like the magical Birds (listen below), and three other described as an indie folk.

Now he describes himself as a writer and composer of Lo-Fi Pop songs, and released two beautiful tracks to back it up. Read below our critic for each of those tracks, knowing that this is one of those rare times where we’ve heard both songs until exhaustion (not really, you can’t get enough of it), before writing about them.

Seldom Seen is the first of those two latest singles and the perfect introduction to Jolé. A tender guitar starts the song, building a sort of musical mantra where the interpreter can fully explanate his depth. Than the vocals come in, and it is so easy to feel we are being levitated. This is track that even though talks about being invisible, or at least not being as visible as one would like to, echoes calm and security. A sort of melancholic rendition that makes us feel good.

Clutter is the second track released this year. It somehow builds on the same feelings as Seldom Seen. But for us it goes beyond it in terms of geniality and how good simplicity can sound. In this one Jolé reminds bits of Simon & Garfunkel with bits of Nick Drake. And yeah, we know that’s a heck of a comparison. The think is, we really really like this. Nothing Much to Think About in this, he sings. But we can’t help to feel this is a marvellous soundtrack for one those days when we need the world to breath us in.

These are reasons more than enough to follow Jolé in the bellow links. And hope for more songs will you? We will.


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