MITO – Bom Rapaz

MITO's Bom Rapaz is everything we look for in a debut single: simple, confidant and really, really good.

You may remember when Manuel Siqueira told us all about Kiev a couple of months ago. At that time, introduced him as part of Lotus Fever, but know he comes to us as half of a brand new duo: MITO. MITO (portuguese for “myth”) was formed by Manuel Siqueira and his old friend Pedro Zuzarte in 2017 and are debuting now with Bom Rapaz (portuguese for “Good Boy”).

On the 25th of September, MITO released a single that shines through an electropop kaleidoscope into a contemporary fluid dance. Jaw dropping good.

Recorded in the night streets of the city of Philadelphia, USA, the beat begins and with it the dance. The words “Being a good boy” give an identity to the dancer. The good boy who lives in the conflict of thoughts, egos and affections. It is a music video that does not live from history but from the expression of universal feelings to the tone of music and dance.MITO

This is the first release from the upcoming album, due early 2018. Until then, we’ll be on the look out for more from MITO.

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