Embers – Until The Dawn

Until The Dawn live at the Manchester Albert Hall is the proof that Embers return is a massive one.

Ready to be overwhelmed?

Six months after their comeback with Signs and Unbound, Embers are back with Until The Dawn. The song was released with a raw live video at the Albert Hall in Manchester and has everything we need to empower your day. Picking up the typical Embers sound composed of strong guitars, drums and a cristal clear raw voice, this one goes way beyond that. The violins, trumpets and orchestra-like background gives it an overwhelming epic-rock wrap. So does the way the music transform from a an almost tender beginning to a complex indie-rock composition. It gives and gives, from the beginning to the end. Muse would be proud.

This is Embers second return of the year, and seems like a powerful album might be on the way. We acknowledge we have a soft spot for their live performances, and we keep on hoping to see them live in Portugal. If you’re like us, here are the links for Embers pages:

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