Haux – Cologne

"Remember Cologne when it’s late at night, you’re all alone and you’re not feeling right."


For those of you unfamiliar with Haux, this is Woodson Black’s project that revisits alternative, electronic music. We featured a Haux single a while back called Touch. Even then, it was possible to understand how he challenges different styles, mixing sensible lyrics with an honest indietronic composition.

About 10 days ago, Haux unveiled a brand new stand alone single, Cologne. And we fell in love with it. The calm and assertive piano open the way to some hauntingly delicate vocals. These whispered vocals and the soothing indietronic vibe screams Vancouver Sleep Clinic. But the intensity of the lyrics put Haux worlds apart. “You traced your hands / Across my back / When you whispered / If time could only take us back” he sings as goosebumps flourish in our skin.

Fun fact about this song: the first time Woodson gone on tour, he had never performed live. The first time he heard his voice through a microphone was in New York where he was sick with nerves backstage. The next performance was to a packed and silenced theatre at a festival in Germany. By the eighth show in February 2017, Haux headlined a sold out church in London, and went on to tour six different countries during the spring, including a stop in Cologne.

I’ve realised there are so many places I haven’t seen in the world, so many faces that seem so familiar and yet somehow so far away. I try to imagine their lives and how they differ from my own. I know I’ll never really know, but there’s something about not knowing that gives me comfort and keeps me eager to see more people and places.  Woodson Black

We sure hope to see your face in a near future, Woodson!

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