Alex the Astronaut – Not Worth Hiding

Not Worth Hiding is a modern addictive ode to sexuality and difference.

Alex the Astronaut just released a song that should should be for all the masses. An obligatory message showcasing music power to change mentalities. Celebrating individuality and difference, Not Worth Hiding is a modern spoken-word meets singer-songwriter song with the potential to turn into a XXI century anthem.

Profoundly deep and portraying an intimate story about learning to accept our own sexual orientation from early age, this is a song that never drops it’s cadence, originality or overall happy vibe. Filled with distinct instruments, from a deep and constant drums, to a subtle guitar and a beautiful violin in the background, it is also Alex voice which turns it into something special. She is the voice of reason and really sounds like one capable of turning the world into a better place.

It’s not worth hiding if you have something to say. Or it’s not worth smiling if you’re feeling in pain. And not worth hiding if you think you might be gay, different in another way, or perfect just the same. 

Perfect indeed. We can’t get enough of it.

Not Worth Hiding is part of Alex the Astronaut upcoming second EP See You Soon (October 6th). The EP is said to strengthen her standing as one of the most exciting young songwriters of our time. We will be hear to give it all the attention we can.

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