Lauren Ruth Ward – Did I Offend You

Did I Offend You is a brutal song that makes every piece of our bodies shake.

Photo by Matt Steinberg

We may be late to Lauren Ruth Ward ascension to the top. But today we are proud that someone brung her to our eyes and ears. Lauren was born in Baltimore but has been spreading her strong feminist flow throughout Los Angeles the past two years. Her past songs Make Love to Myself and Blue Collar Sex Kitten brought attentions over her powerful singing style and fearless figure.

Did I Offend You is her third consecutive single in four months, and an overwhelming 60’s-meet-modern-soul-powerful-rock song. A track that surprises from the first moment. It is capable of echoing vibes resembling Florence and at the same time bringing back the cadency of songs from Alabama Shakes. While both on stage and on record, her guitarist (and songwriter partner) Eduardo Rivera keeps being cool and calm, Lauren is usually seen all across the stage. A powerhouse both vocally and physically. That feeling is also reflected on the (just released) video of Did I Offend You.

She says the song is about self-recognition.

It can be taken from the perspective of a conversation with someone else or a conversation with oneself, I like giving that option to the listener. The song follows the trail of emotions ranging from regret to panic. This is also the first song that Eddie and I wrote together, so it has meaning to me on various levels.

We feel it. And we also feel her power. This sounds like and indestructible song.

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