Rain on Monday – Kill My Love

Kill My Love is the kind of debut that makes one completely obsessed about a new musician.

Rain On Monday is Raimond Nurmilampi a Sweedish-based pop-folk singer who released his first ever single a few days ago.

Entitled Kill My Love, this is one of those debuts who stuck in our heads and create a whole lot of expectations for the ones to follow. One of the reasons for why this happens is the way Kill My Love sounds a lot like our favourite ever interpreters of the so called indie-rock-folk compositions. More specifically with acts like Villagers, The Tallest Man on Earth or a softer The War on Drugs.

No matter the resemblances, Rain on Monday punctuates his first track with a very own style that fits nowhere else. The way the vocals go half-singing half-whisper. Or perfectly in balance with the super melodic guitar, marks the whole spirit of the song. In an almost traditional way, this is a pure singer-songwriter folk-rock creation. One that sounds even better the more we listen to it. A song to sing in the shower, listen on the road, and sing to your loved ones. Even though it is not entirely a romantic song.

We like it so much we feel a little silly for not having other Rain on Monday track we can also hold on to. Until now, at least… So we follow him on all his socials so we don’t miss a beat.