Alexander Search – A Day of Sun

Meet Alexander Search and their overwhelming capacity to conquer the soul.

Sensibility and taste, that’s all you get from Alexander Search. Introducing themselves as “an English-speaking band originating from South Africa but currently based in Europe – more specifically, in Portugal – a seaside garden paradise”, they have obvious jazz influences mixing it up with indie-pop, post-rock and gentle electronic bits.

The story tells all the lyrics were written by Alexander Search, “a member of the band who tragically died at a young age – but who also managed to earn the respect of his peers as the greatest conquerer of beauty of words”. And the band is formed by Augustus Search (composer, pianist and synthesiser player), Benjamin Cymbra (singer), Sgt. William Byng (electronics), Marvel K. (guitar) and Mr. Tagus (drummer). Needless to say that these are not they real names, but in great respect for this enchanting project we won’t tell nothing about their real identities.

Don’t worry, the first and only song they released so far, entitled A Day of Sun, justifies it all. We won’t disrupt the tale behind it. As from the first time we heard it until now, it has just grown on us. Everything in this is overwhelming. From the simplicity in lyrics and voice to the false simplicity in the composition. Always sounding gentle, tasteful and full of hidden meanings. A indie ballad to the soul, and a song to help us reflect.

P.S. Oh, and yes there is a strong relation between this and the Eurovision Song Contest winner.

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