POWERS – Closer

Closer is the closest possible to alternative pop perfection.

If by now you’re still not familiar with POWERS, you must be living in a different world. This duo has taken the indie pop world by surprise with explosive single after explosive single. We are guilty of not posting about them before, even though we secretly enjoyed their songs Dance, Heavy and Man On The Moon.

Well today we surrender ourselves to the evidences with their newest single Closer. This is an entertaining, easy-listening, fast cadenced, and super enjoyable song. Mixes a bit of a electronic-folk drums, opening the perfect room for Mike Del Rio voice to fit right in. Being one of the main man behind The Chainsmokers and Kylie Minogue, it is not surprising how good Closer sounds. But is indeed remarkable how the song flows so naturally, and how easy it makes us smile. Other justification for it is the genius songwriting behind it and how a gentle bass can give a whole other level to a song. Crista Ru is the powerhouse bassist behind it (like she was behind some of Selena Gomez and Icona Pop singles), and if you’re curious enough to listen to any of the other songs you’ll see how much of a singer she also is.

So, without further ado. This is Closer. Have a nice day, just hit the “repeat” button. Is too easy.

More on POWERS can be found here:

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