Joe Hicks – Talk To Me

Electric guitar riffs and tender vocals get us every time. So did Joe Hicks.

Joe Hicks feels loved. And it shows. Talk to Me marks his first advance after his debut EP Best Clothes, and really transmits his said inspiration from names like John Mayer and Paul Simon. But probably the main thing that makes this song immediate to like is probably the same reason behind its construction:

This might sound cliche but this whole song came together one evening in about 40 minutes. I wasn’t particularly looking for a new song as It was a couple of days before I went in to record Best Clothes but I just sat down in my studio with a little travel guitar and the riff came out. Then the whole vocal melody, then lyrics. It’s the easiest a song has been to write and has turned out to be the most meaningful. If Keith Richards is right that we don’t actually compose the songs, they are just in the air and we’re the antennas that pick them up, then Talk To Me has been the most obvious example of that for me.

Everything sounds very simple, natural and at the same time like it is suppose to be. The easy guitar riffs, accompanied by the very light drumming, make the perfect fit for Joe’s tender voice. And while Talk To Me is a very romantic song, it never destiles more than honesty both lyrically and musically. And God knows we enjoy simple beautiful honest songs like this.

If you enjoy this as much as we did, you may want to explore his debut EP which features a set of a bit more electric-guitar, and higher paced songs. The opener, Best Clothes, is also his main single to date and perfectly showcases his style. The acoustic and live versions of the song are in fact the proof of the spoken similarity with John Mayer (while we also see some of Two Door Cinema Club in there). The second track, Something in the Water, keeps the same tendency of soft commercial rock singer-songwriter. While Running beautifully illustrates his softer side with a beautiful melodic cadence and tender story-teeling rhythm.

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