[TGIF] Missing Signals

Get in the mood for an extended Sunday with these six relaxing songs about true feelings.

The last week of April has been very kind music-wise. Returning to emblematic acts like Sylvan Esso and Banks, or to first WtMM favourites like Carmody and Old Sea Brigade. This weekend playlist has all the ingredients needed for a relaxed Sunday afternoon. So grab this ones, a couple of wine, a good view, and those old feelings to go along.

Carmody – Missing

Carmody is among a very restrict number of artists which we cannot let go or be indifferent too (read about her here, here and here). The main reason for that is the way she always delivers on every song. Some days ago she released Missing, an easy to like and hard to let go soft indietronic song. While she is still looking for someone, we tend to find ourselves in this one. Over and over again.

Sylvan Esso – Signal

After a couple of years, Sylvan Esso latest single Signal, is also a bit of a return to their origins. Sounding not much less electronic but much more melodic and with thougtfull-lyrics, this is a beautiful song, and one which after a while really grows on us. Signal is also the official advance for the release of the second album What Now. So, you know, if you dig this, you have the entire weekend to slowly explore the album. As we will.

To Kill A King – The Good Old Days

The uniqueness in To Kill A King always convinces us entirely. The Good Old Days brings back some nostalgic feelings and is a very true representation of what pop rock should always sounds like. The same old juicy voice is there, the song is complex but always sounds simple and clean. And evolving from the first moment till the very last, the song drops always sound too special.

Old Sea Brigade – We Belong

Every time Old Sea Brigade releases a new song is a gentle reminder for becoming a better human being. We Belong, released a couple of days ago, is a beautiful song that brings back that first comparison we established with The National. Old Sea Brigade and it’s genuine music writing simplicity still is the perfect soundtrack for our daily lives.

Jaymes Young – Feel Something

Dark Star and Habits of My Heart were the name of two EPs who introduced us to Jaymes Young about 4 years ago. After a couple of years without noticeable singles out, Feel Something brings back Jaymes Young capability to be current. His capacity to be flexible in vocal terms, and at the same time deliver catchy popish lines seems clearer than ever. Good to know his debut album is finally coming out in June.

BANKS – Crowded Places

Finally, BANKS newest single entitled Crowded Places is among the highlights of this week mainly because brings back some of the vibes which first introduced her to this world. Even though Crowded Places is much less paced than previous songs, fulfilling the new BANKS style, it is undeniable how good this sounds.

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