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With electronic and soul vibes on focus, these are our favourite new releases of the week.

Thank God Is Friday! Well, not really, but as Sunday slides by we can’t help to focus on the brand new releases of this week. From experimental electronic, to inspiring indietronic compositions and to two new soul-based guitar-based chilled singles. We hope this helps you take the best out of this beautiful Sunday.

Body Clocks – Dialogue

Body Clocks were not only the first new secret of 2017 but easily one of the most exciting new acts we discovered this year. If their first two songs “got us by the guts with a constant, intense and mind-boggling cadence”, this new one entitled Dialogue is a firm continuation of brilliance. Almost hypnotic and certainly addictive, once again they perfectly mix experimental electronics with reassuring beats and haunting guitars.

Haux – Touch

Touch, the newest single from Woodson Black project Haux, challenges different styles, mixing sensible lyrics with an honest indietronic composition. If the engaging lyrics weren’t already enough to conquer every-one taste, the back female vocals give it that extra edge making it a really special musical confession about love: If we fell in love, If we had enough, Would you let me go?

Ásgeir – Afterglow

Ásgeir debut album release back in 2014, took us as much by surprise as we could be. In the Silence which was recorded both on English and Icelandic was a 11-song-long-hymn to beautiful indie music. Thus, as the Icelandic singer releases several new singles of his forthcoming album we are no longer surprised, but still in awe. Afterglow is another proof of his geniality. Both simple, magical and transcendent. Sometimes sounds like Anthony and the Jonhsons, others like Bon Iver. Magical is indeed the best possible word.

Elliot Moss – 99

99 starts and immediately we are hooked. Elliot Moss sound has been evolving in such a powerful way that now seems his voice is taking over his indietronic compositions. The highs and lows of 99 perfectly showcase how brilliant this New Yorker can be. Difficult to describe in detail but rightly slow, and powerfully simple. Probably one of the most relevant indietronic talents of today. This is just another why.

Tash Sultana – Murder to the Mind

Tash Sultana must be one of the most hyped phenomenons of the last year. For us everything she gets is not enough. After touring with Santana (yeah, for real), she now releases the first advance after her overwhelming debut EP. Murder to the Mind, is everything we would hope. And another mandatory song for every music lover. Listen to it repeatedly. That’s the only way.

Jacob Banks – Photograph

We are no strangers to Jacob Banks. We’ve been following his new tracks on previous TGIFS, and this yet another one. All is justified for a singer who is incapable of producing less than perfect soul songs. Photograph is another advance from his new EP the boy who cried freedom. A slow-paced rendition which takes us back to the old days, and showcases how easy Jacob Banks is a soul boy for every generation. This is the perfect end for a Sunday, isn’t it?

With love,
WtMM Team 

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