3 roses – At Sea

This is 3 roses first original single and he just showed us how to rule the world of synth-wonderland.

3 roses is the electronic newcomer that we’ve been waiting for. At Sea is his first experience with vocals and his first original single. This track represents many things that could go terribly wrong, but went wonderfully fine. The most obvious one is, without doubt, the use of auto-tune: this feature is seldom used carefully, falling in the misfortune of overpowering the song. 3 roses masters it perfectly, to the point we first thought we were listening to something out of 2008’s Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago or even James Blake in general. Also, we can’t help but mention how much the first few seconds of vocals threw us back to Madonna in Like a Prayer (can you hear it?).

At Sea is the first single out of a soon-to-be announced debut EP and is 3 roses‘ first time “experimenting (…) with my voice, blending guitars, field recordings and synths to compose a music that’d be as organic and introverted as possible“.

For first-timers and old-timers in the world of synth-wonderland, this single is very impressive. We will be on the lookout for more!

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