Adna – Thoughts

Adna's new song is one for the overthinking souls.

Photo by Marcus Nyberg

More than three years ago, I’ve reached to an unknown singer called Adna. I’d just “discovered” and was consumed by her debut self-titled EP, and her first album entitled Night. After declaring my love for her music, I asked for a signed version of the album. As, at that time, she had run out on copies, she sent me the hand-written lyrics for Night instead. If the amount of depth she put into those songs was what fascinated me at first, the added humbleness and compassion she showed with this present made me fall in love with her deeper.

After those releases, Adna has been escalating the indie-music world, sensible heart after sensible heart. The Run, Lucifer LP released in 2015 represented the biggest step-up for her. In part because of the marvellous cover of RyX Berlin. While songs like Run, Lucifer, and the heart-and-soul-stopper Beautiful Hell did the rest on reaching 20 millions plays on Spotify.

Now, and about to release her third album, Adna is on another level. Keeping the depth of soul and darkness in her music-writing, she has manage to push her music forward, growing in background and making songs even more melodic and thinkable. Thoughts, her newest single reflects just that. A song full of sensible and generously meaningful words, intercalated by an effortless dark ambience. A track that sounds just like a genuine and inherent human capability of easily overthinking about life.

And if this was not convincing by itself, she also directed the perfect video to go along with Thoughts.

As Adna’s third album Closure is out in about 15 days (March 17th) we would recommend all overthinking humans to follow her closely:

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