little hurricane – OTL

The newest song from little hurricane has almost one month, and we cannot let go of it.

It took us long enough to make this post. But we never though we could love this so much. OTL is the latest single from little hurricane, released almost one month ago, and a song we cannot get out of our heads, and for that reason is this Thursday Meeting of the Day.

We were in love with little hurricane before, more particularly with the sassy rough melodic overflow of Heart Skips a Beat. And while their latest album – Homewrecker – was a nice and constant rhythmic (almost country) remark, we were somehow missing some of the more rocky ambiance that we could not get enough from this single.

OTL (One True Love) is like the name itself a true effort on putting love into a song. The duet is not only spot on, but the simplicity behind the repetitive drums, and the right words in the right places, quickly turns it into a no-brainer, and shower-singer, of a song. OTL is capable of condensing into a very simple song the catchiness of children chants, with the complexity of falling in love, with some weirdly resemblances to Bono Vox vocals. And for all that, and some things more we cannot quite explain, this is one of catchiest songs we’ve heard this year. Give it a try, and let it grow on you. You won’t regret.