Vistas – Medicine

Indie-pop-rock wonderland is Vistas' speciality.

Vistas is an indie/rock band from Edinburgh and back in November 2016 they released their second E.P., Medicine. The most exciting news is that in two days they are releasing a brand new single! As we can’t wait for that, we’re trying to pass the days by indulging on Medicine.

The opening track Medicine speaks for itself. Once you hear this track, you’ll know deep down that this EP is going to be one you keep coming back to. The track is very fulfilling as every sound has a purpose. The beat and the guitar sound inviting and remarkably familiar (Kings of Leon and Two Door Cinema Club). Medicine is one to fill the soul.

Coming up in second there is Americana that starts with a big bang. As soon as those guitar kick in, you get a new sense of energy. Incredibly, this songs makes you feel exactly what the lyrics say. The sun comes up and the day goes clear

Hot Love comes up in 3rd and is pure pop/rock, following the lines of the previous tracks. Lots of enjoyable guitar riffs and uplifting drums. Vistas are, without a doubt, a band to keep an eye on.

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