Tom Joshua – Meteor Showers

Tom Joshua's Meteor Showers is the most peaceful storm you'll ever hear.

It’s very rare to fall in love with a song right at the first go, but when it happens, you know it’s a love to last. That’s exactly how we felt about Tom Joshua‘s Meteor Showers. This single was released last week and Tom announced it on his Facebook page with the following:

A couple month back I wrote a little tune in my bedroom about a girl I saw dancing while out walking the dog. It’s since been recorded and polished by some lovely folk and I’m chuffed to be releasing that song today.

We love so many things about this song, raging from the soft piano to the warm vocals. The choir behind his falsettos elevate Meteor Showers to a peaceful storm. The progressive crescendo tone brings out something we’re use to hear in Villagers‘ or even Justin Vernon‘s work. We are completely in awe with the cinematic scenery Tom was able to create and looking forward to see what else is to come.

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