[TGIF] The Weekend Process

From Sampha monumental debut album to great humanitarian songs. February started with a bang.

Thank god is Friday! Ending a week where an immeasurable quantity of great songs was released, two very much anticipated albums came to life. So this time, we celebrate the weekend with a celebration of those albums along with three other beautiful comebacks and an much needed hymn for this modern days.

MUNA – About U

A debut album is always a debut album. And is especially relevant when it has been coming for a long time. Even more when it is fully loaded with human values and emotionally overloaded songs. MUNA debut full length, About U, was released yesterday and got as gutted from the first listening. And if I Know A Place was already a very good beginning  we can’t describe the way these 12 tracks ecoe 90’s electronic simplicity mixed with melodical-clarity and lyric-based quality.

Sampha – Process

There is probably no process for making the perfect debut album. But whatever Sampha has been doing for the past four or five years (and it was a lot) it seems it was just it. Process came out in the early ours of Friday, and we’ve listened to it too many times to be counted. Fully emotional, and a sounding-like revolutionary. The World has been waiting for this album for a very long time. Now it is out, we suspect the World is going to spend a very long time trying to take it all in.

Sälen – Heartbreak Diet

In a time of distinct diets and easy heartbreaks, Salen newest single is a rare pop accomplishment. Sounding as good as it gets, as tasteful as non-pop songs, and catchy as fuck. This is the perfect continuation for copper kissing.

Naomi Pilgrim feat friends – Racist Friend

Naomi Pilgrim invited Sa-RocYugen BlakrokEmbeeFrida Sundemo and Linnea Olsson to build what is one of the most emblematic songs of the year. In a time where boarders are thigther and selective as ever. If you have a Racist Friend, it’s time for your friendship to end. Takes music to a humanity level.

Hugh – This Is How It Starts

2016, although very sad for music industry, seems to have flown by. Hugh, one of ours ten to follow of the past year, was one of the responsible bands for that. Makers of songs that always sound too close to the heart, they’ve released their first 2017 effort. And looking to This Is How It Starts, it seems they keep on the right track to our souls.

London Grammar – Big Picture

We’ve already express our mix of relief and over-the-moon anxiety with London Grammar return to songwriting-and-hymnmaking. Like someone that returns home after a long time away, we were still appreciating the welcoming taste of Rooting For You deepness, when on Wednesday they released Big Picture. And we could not possible be, more convinced. Powerful lyrics and a sort-of-electronic guitar that almost makes as dizzy. What a song.