[TGIF] Little Bit of Inclosure

This our top 6 picks for music released this very busy week. Enjoy thoroughly all weekend long.

Thank God It’s Friday! It’s been a tough yet fine week. Lots of work, lots of new music, just the way we like it! Right down below you’ll find our top 6 picks for music released this past week. Enjoy thoroughly all weekend long.

Meadowlark – About You Now

We came to a point where we know if Meadowlark release something new, we will indulge in it until something new comes out again. This time they gifted us with the most beautiful SugababesAbout You Now cover. To listen and let go:

Kevin Garrett – Little Bit of You

About fourteen hours ago, Kevin Garrett released Little Bit of You, a beautiful and simplistic homage to love. Cristal clear vocals, smart guitar drifts and a soft tender electronic drum that accompanies the whole song. This is a  can’t-do-wrong recipe for Kevin. Oh and the falsetto bit helps too.

Alex Vargas – Inclosure

Confrontation is not such a bad thing. I used to be terrified of it, but I’ve learnt that it’s a fast track to progress.” speaks Alex Vargas about his new track Inclosure; the first 2017 single from his debut album Cohere (out March 31st). Progress and energy is what a weekend needs, so go for it down below:

Satellite Mode – Secrets

Satellite Mode is a dear band for us. Since we posted about them several months ago, they’ve been making consistent pop songs one after the other. Yesterday they released Secrets, a mix between electronic, indie beats and soft and honest melody making.  Everyone should have secrets just has nice as this one.

CHINAH – Even Love

RnB, electro-pop 80’s influenced indie-tune. That is what CHINAH presented us with yesterday. And is exactly what we’re taking with us to the weekend: a busy background contrasting a calm foreground. Sounds perfect for us.

Elderbrook – First Time

Just like the first time. Every time we hear to Elderbrook newest song released yesterday we feel we never heard anything like it. Evedently electronic and adopting a quite unorthodox approach to the vocals, this reminds us of the best Moby songs we’ve used to hear many many many years ago.

With Love,
WtMM Team