San Fermin – Bride

Bride is a quiet comfort hush and a loud anxious scream in one beautiful song.

Bride is San Fermin newest sneak peak inside their upcoming record Belong on April 7th. It’s truly amazing the way they can transform any ordinary day into something else with nothing but a song.

Bride is about a dissociative moment at a wedding (…) imagined from the perspective of the bride. It starts with this beautiful imagery — roses in her hair, people on a lawn all dressed up nicely — and then everything kind of turns on her.

The juxtaposition of all classical instruments at the beginning create a soft atmosphere, very wedding like. The beat keeps getting stronger, much like a heart-beat getting more and more anxious. An then the beautiful vocals externalize all that build up. Bride has something to it we can’t quite describe. Bride is a quiet hush and a loud scream. Bride is a song that makes sense lyrically, sonorously and conceptually. The thought and the detail put into every microsecond that sets San Fermin apart from any other indie band.


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