Body Clocks – Dusk

Serving as a perfect rhythm to life, Body Clocks first songs are pure electronic wonders.

Our first new secret of 2017 is a very distinct one. If memory does not trouble us, this is the first time ever we post about a fully instrumental project. But be ware, this speaks so easily for itself that we can’t get it out of our heads.

Body Clocks are Josef Kaspar and Joe Craven. This duo from Bristol focuses on guitars and synthesizers and works so perfectly together that the name of the project couldn’t fit more perfectly. The pace of the sound, the amount of depth it transmits, the hidden variations, and the brutal simplicity of it all, got us by the guts with a constant, intense and mind-boggling cadence.

Body Clocks count only with two songs officially released to date: Still Life and Dusk. These two wonders should care for some obsessive listening. Dusk takes its time to evolve with an almost magical aura until its beats are felt like eargasms and its repetitiveness becomes a immeasurable feeling of sure.  Still Life makes us dive into a mist of Nils Frahm and Darkside vibes, keeping its flow and showcasing the simplicity behind pure electronic contemplation.

With a new track coming out in a month and a debut EP around March, they’ve also just played in Sofar Bristol, emerging with another hauntingly and emotionally beautiful track entitled Oscar’s Song.

With all the certainty of more music coming soon, you can follow Body Clocks in the links bellow:


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