WtMM Best Songs of 2016

From new secrets to meetings of the day, these are our 25 favorites.

The time has come for us to try to accomplish the almost impossible task of choosing the best songs of the year. From about the 300 songs we’ve talked about this year, these are the bread and butter, the crème de la crème, the ones we cannot get enough of. Two thousand and sixteen, it has been a pleasure.

25. Meadowlark – Paraffin

Had me thinking about the way you smiled… That’s exactly what we want to have in mind as we say goodbye to 2016. Thinking about all the things that made this year great, and specially all the people that made it great. Wishing to enter 2017 with all those people, we’re also taking with us Paraffin.

24. Leif Vollebekk – Elegy

Like life itself, the first advance of Leif Vollebekk newest album, is beautiful, touching and consuming. A moving poetry which perfectly fits as an original soundtrack of both the saddest, the calmest and the happiest moments of the year.

23. Elderbrook – Closer

At the end of the Summer, Elderbrook took the indietronic world into is hands with an instant hit. Closer was from the first moment we heard it a progressive wonder which felt to difficult not to hear several times in a row. And like the lyrics say over and over again without ever sounding repetitive: We’ve never been closer to a love gone right.  

22. Tender – Violence

Before Tender released Violence, they had already released 11 (!) other new tracks this year. Well, the 12th was, for us, the greatest of them all. A sensual and energetic bomb with all the right things in the right places and which always sounds like the first time.

21. Thomston feat. Wafia – Window Seat

Thomston and Wafia was one of the best duets 2016 has offered. Window Seat is a memorable single, especially because it compiles 2016’s characteristic sonority. Filled with smooth RnB, subtle vocals and a strong beat, Window Seat is number 21 on our list.

20. Kings of Leon – Walls

For the less attentive followers of Where the Music Meets which could be wondering why a song by a so well known band is featured on this website, this excerpt my just do it: “A song for all troubled moments. A track that no matter how many times it plays, it will always help you keep going, see things from a necessary perspective, and make you able to forgive”. After 4 months, it keeps on giving.

19. Vaults – Midgnight River

Just let it roll, if you feel like your loosing control, let go, and let the Midnight River roll… And just like that, Vaults described their beautiful and contagious super song.

18. Sara Hartman – Satellite

Satellite introduced us to Sara Hartman, and for that we will be eternally grateful. When we get to the point to call a song nothing less than candy to the soul, you should be expecting to see it come up in our top best songs of 2016. And here it is.

17. Rationale – Palms

Rationale keeps bringing hit afer hit. And they did it again with Palms, piling up yet another proof that they are probably the best new band of 2016 and leaving everybody anxiously anticipating the grandiose debut album.

16. Tash Sultana – Jungle

2016 was a great year for Tash Sultana as she brought out three incredible singles. Jungle was the one which stood out the most. She showed her ability to wonder using very simple music bits and her raspy voice. This is how one makes some of the best music 2016 had to offer:

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